Articles by Bethan Donaghey


Junkyard, brother of the cocktail bar Boilermaker, is a recently renovated café-bar nestled between Fletcher Gate and Bridesmith Gate in Nottingham.


There is little competition when it comes to the Leipzig students’ choice of pub. Their go-to place for a casual drink is undoubtedly the Beyerhaus.


The ‘Karli’ in Leipzig has more independent cafes, restaurants and bars than chains, so what makes Café Pushkin that much more special?


Situated on Nottingham’s trendiest road, Carlton Street, home to thrift shops, independent cafes and bars, Boilermaker is Hockley’s renowned speakeasy cocktail bar.


Situated in the trendy Hockley neighbourhood in Nottingham, The Ugly Bread Bakery is exactly what the name suggests, plus a café and deli. As well as offering take-away, the bakery is complete with a characterful balcony for watching the open kitchen as well as passers-by.