Articles by Imogen Flynn


Gertrud Tavernier is a Belgian yoga teaching, chocolate making pharmacist living in Germany’s buzzing capital. Together with her partner Felix she has started two exciting independent businesses from her own home.


Maroush is a good value Lebanese restaurant in central Kreuzberg, Berlin. – Serving up kebabs, crispy falafel and obscenely creamy hummus.


Mr.Vertigo is a relaxed and friendly cafe/restaurant in the North-Western part of Mitte in Berlin. Fresh salads, sandwiches and Mediterranean themed dishes are to be expected.


Südblock is a cafe, bar and brunch buffet situated in the heart of buzzing Kreuzberg, Berlin. Expect Middle-Eastern and Turkish oriented cuisine, with events and occasional drag acts in the evenings. On the corner of the Kottbusser Tor roundabout, where


This Monday marks the start of Fashion Revolution Week, an initiative encouraging you to ask multi-national corporations and chains #whomademyclothes? In keeping with SIFT’s aim to support more socially responsible trading, Imogen Flynn takes a look.


‘Porridge cafés’ have been appearing in various European cities. A sign of hipster gentrification or returning to hearty, healthy and simple food? Imogen Flynn takes a look.


For a change from Berlin’s serious techno scene, Cake is a laid-back bar in Kreuzberg playing a mixture of funk, soul and hip-hop.


For excellent value Lebanese food, Al Andalos in Berlin’s Neukoölln district is a good start.


Where all is not the same…Sameheads is an inconspicuous bar in Neukölln, Berlin.