Articles by Julia Webster Ayuso


The ‘Maison du Zéro Déchet’ opened in Paris in July 2017 as a space for discussion on all things zero waste. Workshops, conferences and screenings are on offer, and a shop is equipped with everything you need to start reducing your environmental footprint.


On occasion of Flea Market Barcelona’s 10th birthday, we spoke to Mark, one of the founders, about how the project developed into one of the city’s favourite monthly events.


Marie Blandin is the woman behind the organic soap brand Terra Lova. We met up for a a chat in her workshop in Les Grands Voisins, the community space housing several startups and initiatives in Paris.


Poiscaille is a young French startup creating a new way of supplying fresh, responsibly sourced and reasonably priced fish. We spoke to Igor, a member of the team, about the importance of knowing where the fish we eat comes from.


Founded by a Romanian coffee enthusiast and a Palestinian chef, Ibrik is the first Parisian coffee shop to showcase the art of oriental coffee making.


We talk to Cathy Poirson, of Ibrik in Paris, about the art of Oriental coffee making and the challenges of starting a business in France.


Check out this temporary community project in the 14th arrondissement in Paris before it closes in December!


Among the variety of small-scale eateries on Bristol’s Cotham Hill, Pasta Loco is the place to go for an intimate and comforting meal.


Senza Nome is a bar run by those with hearing impairments in Bologna’s central via Belvedere.


Hidden in a corner in Bologna’s largest park, Le Serre is a project promoting co-working and cultural events in a large outdoor space with a communal city vegetable patch and greenhouse. Vetro is a restaurant and café for co-workers and visitors alike.