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We talk to Cathy Poirson, of Ibrik in Paris, about the art of Oriental coffee making and the challenges of starting a business in France.


Flow is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant located by the Bear Pit in Bristol’s city centre, dishing up seasonal and locally sourced delights with a twist.


PostModernissimo is an independent space in Perugia for the both the lesser known and the most celebrated in the world of cinema.


A baker’s paradise, The Pudding Stop is a restaurant slash café in the heart of St Albans that only serves desserts. Let me repeat: a restaurant that only serves deserts. That only serves deserts…


The George Street Canteen is a minimalist but cosy spot nestled into a courtyard on one of the cuter and more historic streets in St Albans, serving all-day brunches, lunches, baked goods and beverages.


Sky Kong Kong is a low-key Korean restaurant serving fresh, authentic and Asian inspired dishes. Tucked just behind Bristol’s bearpit, prices are low and quality is high.


As the UK’s first social enterprise, independent, boutique, and digital cinema, The Lexi in Kensal Rise is staffed mainly by volunteers and donates 100% of its profits to charity.


For brunch, lunch or dinner, this cosy and atmospheric restaurant in the heart of Bristol sets itself apart with its avant-garde take on Spanish tapas and traditional British breakfasts.


Check out this temporary community project in the 14th arrondissement in Paris before it closes in December!