Latest Recommendations


Striking the perfect balance between traditional Spanish cuisine and the trendy vibes of La Latina, DELIC has it all.


A restaurant whose meatless ‘hamburgers’ rival the real things, Viva Burger is a must visit when in Madrid.


For a homely atmosphere, delicious brunch or evening fondue, head to the Crafty Egg. From its Afghan eggs to its indulgent pancakes, its menu has something for everyone.


An independent cultural haven hidden away on the fourth floor of Porto’s Manuel Passos Garage.


A fresh take on gallery dining. Contemporary dishes made on site, and impeccable coffee from one of Bristol’s leading baristas, The Epiphany has provided a culinary uplift to Bristol’s oldest art gallery.


Rooted in the heart of the Marais, a natural and sustainable brunching spot has sprung. WILD & THE MOON teaches us something about eating well.


A bright and airy space filled with gaggles of friends, families with prams and solo workers buried in laptops and notepads – Saucer and Cup ticks every box of a proper neighbourhood café.


An inventive menu in a historic setting, Mercato Vianova brings the creative passion of a young independent to the classic architecture of Perugia’s cobbled centre.