Berlin | Kreuzberg | | 15/02/2016

Cool and snug Kreuzberg eatery.

Down by the canal in Kreuzberg lies one of Berlin’s best small cafés. Serving outstanding home-made bagels and the best banana bread I have ever eaten, A. Horn is relaxed and homely with big windows looking out on the the Landwehrkanal. One of the coolest things about the café is that it’s back wall is a huge window looking directly into the bike repair shop next door, complete with big theatrical curtains that make it look like some kind of surreal stage set.

Popular with the Kreuzberg locals, the café is always humming with life and activity and is particularly busy around brunch time on the weekends, so make sure you get there early if you want to try their signature ‘A. Horn Frühstuck’. This consists of a bagel (poppy seed, sesame, cheese, sun dried tomato.. the list goes on…) with and a platter of ham, salami, cheese, salad and jam. It is very filling and very delicious, hence why it is sometimes hard to bag a table at peak times- but always worth a wait.


Carl-Herz-Ufer 9
10961 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
+33 30 60059888


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