Le Jupon Rouge

Paris | République - Canal Saint Martin | | 17/10/2016

An unassuming vintage clothes boutique in Paris’ 9th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame.

An unassuming vintage clothes boutique in Paris’ 9th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame.

A real gem tucked away in the streets leading up from Cadet metro station, this vintage boutique feels like the musty apartment of an old bankrupt duchess, full of lost treasures and fringed velvet lamps. Walking through the door of Le Jupon Rouge, you at once feel like you want to stay, nestled into the floral fabrics and warmed by the soft orangey light of lamps from bygone eras. This is reinforced by the relaxed, louche attitude of the staff, who casually hang around the desk, waiting to advise you on whichever patterned silk shirt or corduroy blazer you’re considering buying.

Although it’s not your vintage bargain basement, its pieces are well-picked, high-quality and in good condition, making them fairly reasonably-priced. The designer label pieces are obviously the most expensive (although clearly a lot less than their original price), but those of less well-known brands can be very cheap.

Last time I ventured in, I tried on a dashing stripey 80’s jumper, 100% wool, for only €15! If I were not yellow-toned myself (classic mixed-race Asian gal), I would have bought it in a second. Overall, it probably beats Zara and H&M on the price-quality ratio then, even if someone’s mum wore your shirt in 1983. Plus, more importantly, if anyone asks you where you bought your new oversized mac or paisley shirt, you get the opportunity to say ‘oh, just a little boutique in Paris’, finally living your dream of exacting revenge on all those who’ve said the same to you in the past.

Whether you’re looking for a foxy pair of boots, a delicate gemstone broach or a jazzy silk-tie, Le Jupon Rouge has every kind of vintage item to flaunt your cultured, eco-warrior status. It also sells homewares too, providing all hipsters who have recently moved to Paris with the perfect location to buy their old records, wicker screens and antique writing desks. Go get lost in the vintage jungle before someone else buys the denim midi you’ve been dreaming of.


12 Rue Mayran
+33 1 48 78 54 54


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