Lezioni di Greco

Perugia | | 25/09/2017

Simple, homemade Greek food prepared with care in Perugia’s Borgo Bello district

Despite Italy’s proximity to Greece, Greek food, and its oft-confused relations, has not taken over in the same way it has the UK. A rare pack of feta may be squeezed in between huge wedges of pecorino, but our much-adored halloumi rarely finds itself on supermarket shelves. As for hummus (admittedly not strictly Greek but much adapted across Europe and North Africa from its Levant origins), our endless rows of the stuff will soon seem a distant memory. However, slightly outside the tourist centre, the small team at Lezioni di Greco offer a well-priced array of salads, filled Pita and Gyros, freshly assembled from their teeming display of ‘fillers’, freshly prepared each morning.

Filling a Pita costs a mere four euros (at time of writing) and customers can take their pick from the varied display. Homemade chickpea fritters (akin to falafel), roasted carrots, caramelised onions, hummus and a fresh aubergine dip are to be highly recommended. The warmed flatbreads are satisfyingly spongy, making for a comforting street food filler.

Service is warm and the owners are clearly passionate and eager to please, explaining humbly that this is only their first year of business. They do not claim to be a high-end purveyor of Greek cuisine, instead prioritising what they refer to as gourmet street food – simple, hearty dishes cooked fresh and with care. Although dishes such as theirs are well adapted to eating on the go, the interior seating area is bright and inviting with colourful walls lined with local cookbooks and tempting bottles of traditional Ouzo. High bar-like stools gather around informal rough wood tables – well-suited to a relaxed lunch.

It is still early days for Lezioni di Greco, but with a modest and admirable desire to offer simple, well-cooked dishes at a reasonable cost, the future looks promising for patrons and customers alike.

Corso Cavour, 214
Perugia, Umbria

+39 388 868 5306

Photos by Pippa Cole


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