Osteria del Capo

Padua | | 31/05/2017

Authentic Italian Osteria in the backstreets of Padova.

This small family style Osteria offers a range of rustic Italian cuisine. Always full to the brim with locals, be sure either to book in advance or to go early to ensure a table!

Due to its home style cuisine, the menu does tend to change from time to time, however as a testament to its veritable authenticity it is good to note that the menu is in fact hand written (no English version available, unfortunately).

Hidden in one of Padova’s back streets near to the entrance of the old ‘ghetto’ (the old Jewish quarter of the city) it may not look like much; in fact in many ways it resembles a family dining room, with significantly more tables crammed into a small space (in typical Italian style), nevertheless it has a great, relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t miss the traditional Padovan dish, Fegato alla Veneziana (liver in a rich onion gravy served with polenta) which tends to remain on the precarious menu, the recipe varying slightly each time; it’s divine!

The staff are always extremely welcoming and never pressure you to scoff down your food if there are other customers waiting; in fact you are encouraged to take your time and are always offered a palette cleansing tipple to finish off your meal (limoncello or brandy). Admittedly not the best brandy I’ve ever tried, but this just adds to the charmingly make shift character of the restaurant.

I’ve also been served some odd flavour combinations, the type that you wouldn’t expect to work well together, but of course it was delicious. This particular dish was squid ink spaghetti in a broccoli sauce with ‘frutti del mare’ (seafood). The often eclectic options will make your evening all the more exciting, and are always impressive, particularly when in search of the authentic Italian experience.

N.B I would also recommend the chilli, chocolate dessert


Via Obizzi, 2,


Padova PD,


+39 049 663105


An independent cultural haven hidden away on the fourth floor of Porto’s Manuel Passos Garage.