Pasta Loco

Bristol | Clifton | | 13/03/2017

Among the variety of small-scale eateries on Bristol’s Cotham Hill, Pasta Loco is the place to go for an intimate and comforting meal.

After my housemate visited this cute little restaurant just around the corner from our house, she came back raving about the delicious pasta that had reminded her of her time spent in Italy on her year abroad. I too, like most final year language students, was feeling nostalgic of my time in Bologna, so I quickly went to book a table. Not surprisingly for the restaurant awarded Best Italian in the 2016 Bristol Good Food Awards, the earliest slot was in three weeks time!

When the day arrived, Pasta Loco was everything, if not more than I had anticipated. Founded by cousins Ben and Dominic, this intimate locale is the perfect setting for dishes of quality produce with a personal touch, complete with pictures of the owners hanging on the walls to create a friendly atmosphere. In the tastefully decorated interior, with low-key lighting and a bench with cushions for a seat, I immediately felt comfortable and in good hands.

The limited seating and seasonal menu allow for excellent service and our food arrived within minutes. The dishes are satisfying if what you need is a comforting plate of pasta, and will pleasantly surprise with original combinations of flavours. For example, the linguini sausage carbonara with pork belly, pancetta and poached egg, was a delicious explosion of gustos. Not to mention, the pasta is all made in-house and the dessert…well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

One of my best experiences in Bristol!

37A Cotham Hill
+44 117 973 3000


An independent cultural haven hidden away on the fourth floor of Porto’s Manuel Passos Garage.