Saucer and Cup

London | | 15/02/2018

A bright and airy space filled with gaggles of friends, families with prams and solo workers buried in laptops and notepads – Saucer and Cup ticks every box of a proper neighbourhood café.

The London café scene is full to the brim with excellent, but often unaffordable, plates of avocado toast or the latest take on baked eggs. These are usually served up amid inspirational shabby-chic surroundings, urging you to justify your £9 breakfast with notion that you will somehow find added productivity between these perfectly painted walls, that it would be an irresponsible decision to work from home instead. Saucer and Cup kindly provides a middle ground. High ceilings? Check. White washed walls? Check. The décor evokes everything you would expect from your usual caffeinated sanctuary, but, here’s the trick, you can satiate your morning hunger for less than £5.

Three generous rounds of chilli- and lime-spiked avocado toast come in at £4.50, while a simple honeyed alternative will only set you back £2.50. As with all good neighbourhood cafes, they’re not shy to a bit of comfort food, offering a tempting sausage brioche roll to soak up yesterday’s escapades, or the full free-range egg and bacon on sourdough for £5.50. All breakfast options are made fresh to order, and are joined by a lunchtime salad and a counter-top selection of sandwiches from noon-3pm.

The loose-leaf tea selection is generous, joined of course by skilfully-made coffee (my Italian friend and fellow taster approved) and a selection of cakes supplied from a local bakery. These are a little more inventive than the savoury classics on offer, ranging from an organic spinach cake to a comfortingly dense orange and lavender gluten-free loaf. The majority of their cakes are in fact gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free, and soya and oat milks are on offer in case the Estate Dairy Jersey milk doesn’t appeal.

Simple, stylish and open to all, Saucer and Cup is an ideal pit-stop on a morning in Wimbledon.
159 Arthur Road
SW19 8AD
020 3774 0390

Photos by Pippa Cole


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