The Apple

Bristol | | 28/03/2017

The Apple is an outstanding pub on a boat, based in the centre of Bristol. It specialises in cider. Strong, cheap cider. We’re talking half pints for €1.50…

Tucked away, lurking in the shadows of King Street, unassumingly floating down by the docks lies The Apple. Next to the Three Brothers burger boat, and at the end of a row of sophisticated, artisanal pubs, you reach your destination. All aboard.

If you have a friend down, and you’re keen to show them how vintage and edgy you’ve become whilst at uni in Bristol, this is the place for you. Outside, on shore, are a host of benches with a heated area and below deck, the décor is classic ‘ship’ style, whatever that means. A rustic, wooden boarded floor and stacked full of craft beers and of course, Cider.

For those who haven’t stepped on deck, warning: Slow down. The half pints of Old Bristolian (8.4 percent and only served in halves, because they’re not allowed to serve them in pints…) do exactly what they say on the tin. They get you drunk. So calm down, take a deep breath Fresher, you’ve got all day, because the Apple is open 12 till 12. For all you plucky students out there looking for a cheap night, Monday to Thursday half pints are £1.50, so rustle your change together and get your deck shoes on. This is a cider fans heaven: natural, brewed local proper cider which packs a punch.

Now, don’t be fooled into thinking this is only for drunk university students, because in the summer there is no better spot to come, sit, pretend to be cultured and enjoy a ploughman’s/Frenchman’s lunch. The recently opened quayside bar means you can sit outside, buy your drinks outside and just pretend you’ve been drinking on a boat all day. Great for a calm, lunchtime drink and on the other end of the scale, the perfect place to go and literally lose your mind. The rightful heir to the cider throne.

The Apple
Welsh Back
+44 117 925 3500





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