Bristol | Clifton | | 05/04/2017

Tiffins is a family-run Indian takeaway on St Michael’s Hill in Bristol. The dishes, all inspired by cuisine in Gujarat, are light and healthy, and the menu changes regularly.

This understated yet exceptional Indian takeaway takes pride of place at the top of St. Michael’s Hill in Bristol. Since opening in 2003, husband and wife Nick and Jay have been providing the locals with a tantalising taste of Gujarati cuisine.

Serving food described simply by chef Jay as “authentically Indian”, the award-winning Tiffins prides itself on the use of nutritional and health-promoting spices, as well as on the shunning of artificial flavourings and colourings. All dishes are cooked in pure sunflower oil only and are therefore light enough to be enjoyed on a warm summer’s evening, as well as on a cold December night when all you’re looking for is cockle-warming comfort food.

All dishes at Tiffins are cooked fresh daily by Jay, and the choice of curries changes regularly. On any given day there are between five and seven vegetable dishes to choose from, including such delights as Potatoes with Peanut and Coconut, Chickpeas in Tamarind and Saag Paneer (this one comes on special recommendation by the chef!) A £6 small portion, which is easily enough for one person (take it from a certified greedy guts!), can consist of one dish only or of a combination of different dishes.

As a meat-eater, I can confirm that both the chicken and Kheema (minced lamb) curries are equally delicious as the vegetable curries, and a small portion of either of these comes in at £6.50.

The food at Tiffins is fit for a king and comes in second only to the service you’ll receive. Every time I have been to Tiffins I have been greeted with Jay’s huge, welcoming smile and we chat just like old friends. Jay told me that her favourite thing about St Michael’s Hill is the people. My favourite thing about St Michael’s Hill is Tiffins!


151 St Michael’s Hill
+44 117 9734834



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