Truck Store

Oxford | | 06/03/2017

Oxford’s very own independent music emporium home to an eclectic range of CD’s, Vinyls and books. Expect regular live music performances and pastries at their in-house cafe.

Offspring of the local Truck festival, the Truck Store offers a carefully curated selection of all the best new music and films in physical form. The friendly team behind the tills are budding with enthusiasm to suggest or recommend films or new music and their Keen Bean café nestled in the corner by stacks of the latest releases is the perfect place to grab a coffee while you peruse.

So maybe physical format is a bit redundant, but it’s still a pretty nice feeling to own a piece of music or a film that you love in some form other than an illegally downloaded file. Maybe even just so you can display it at home to make you look cool/interesting.


101 Cowley Rd
+44 1865 793866


An independent cultural haven hidden away on the fourth floor of Porto’s Manuel Passos Garage.