Mr. Vertigo

Mr.Vertigo is a relaxed and friendly cafe/restaurant in the North-Western part of Mitte in Berlin. Fresh salads, sandwiches and Mediterranean themed dishes are to be expected.

Unlike most other city areas of this description, that being those also brimming with museums and grand government facades, here, in the North-West Mitte area of Berlin there is a serious lack of good independent munch. Walking down the wide, outstretched roads, the lightly scattered food and beverage establishments are few and far in between, often weighed down by their mass market name tag or limited opening hours. An unfortunate factor if you fall out of the usual meal-time patterns, something not difficult to do in Berlin.

Varied, creative and healthy options are even harder to come by. Germany understandably runs a booming bread-based business machine, which is admirable, but again can also be a limiting factor for last-minute, light-weight meal options.

However then, there is Mister Vertigo. Despite arriving at four in the afternoon, there was still enough choice for us to request more time before placing our order. Exciting salads, made fresh every day range in colour and taste, to be eaten in or to be taken away (5-7€). Baked potatoes (5-6€), omelettes (5-6€), Paninis (3-4€) or hotter, slightly larger meals are also on the cards.

What I would 100% recommend here are the refreshing home brewed smoothies and juices – nothing better to quench the thirst on a hot summer’s day. We opted for pineapple and mint, and something with a strawberry flavor – perfectly pure & simple.

Seats can be found outside as well as in, depending on the weather. You will find yourself on a main road, but like much of the German Capital, roads are fairly empty in comparison to their European counterparts.

The owner and chef, Tarek Al Hussein caters mainly for the daytime and business trade. However, the average Businessman’s lunch price tag is not something you will find here. The food is not only accompanied with friendly and efficient service, but with an affordable price tag too. I hear the English breakfast is also something of a Berlin attraction, but on this occasion, as an English woman I had to at least try and avoid the stereotype, my attempt to somewhat integrate a bit more into German culture. However, if you do give it a go… report back with your thoughts!
17 Chaussestraße
10115, Berlin
+49 163 6010110