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A tiny family run space near the famous Prato della Valle, it may not look like much but it really tickles the taste buds, take your glorious ice cream away with you and relax in the sun or under the stars…


A pastry lover’s dream on Park Street, winner of ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Cakes’ in the 2016 Bristol Good Food Awards.


One of my favourites, this little cafe has all the charm of old Italy decorated in warm hues. If it’s patisserie selection is not enough to tempt you then the plush red velvet sofas and warm golden colour scheme should lure you in.


For unmissable live music, a cracking language exchange evening including monthly trivia night, and the best cocktails in Granada.

The Mag


The young entrepreneur behind vodka brand Ishka tells us about his take on the Russian drink and the experience of setting up his own business.


Hervé runs possibly the best African restaurant and takeaway in Paris. Buried in the Marché Saint Quentin, a listed covered market two minutes’ walk from Gare du Nord, his cosy hub is perfect for lunch or an early supper.


Nestled in amongst some of Paris’ best indie spots in the 10th arrondissement, the Sunken Chip is a superb French take on your local British chippie.


Gertrud Tavernier is a Belgian yoga teaching, chocolate making pharmacist living in Germany’s buzzing capital. Together with her partner Felix she has started two exciting independent businesses from her own home.

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