Sift is both a city guide and a magazine, mapping independent businesses all over Europe and offering discussion on all things ‘alternative, independent & sustainable’. Culture, consumerism, cooking, or even politics… we have it covered.

Our city-guide recommendations and magazine articles are written by our readers. The idea is to build a web of real experiences and tips, offered by a growing network of like minded people – including you.

Why independent? We’re bored of walking down every high street in Britain and even abroad, and seeing the same shops. We’re tired of spending money and knowing the cashier won’t see the profits; we’re fed up of hearing about multinationals trampling over the environment.

And because, we love meeting the passionate people who run their own cafés; we like going to little cinemas which show classic horror films as well as the latest blockbusters. We’re inspired by the restaurants which prioritise social responsibility as much as profit, and we get excited discovering the hidden places that make each city unique.
Above all, we want to share these gems.



A business or initiative is ‘independent’ if it:
– has a maximum of three outlets in the same city/area
– is free from outside control (financial or otherwise)
– provides a service that is tailored or unique to the locality it operates in